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Payment and Dispatch

Overview of Delivery and Dispatch Conditions and our Methods of Payment

Delivery Costs

Delivery costs are determined based on the total weight of the shopping basket and the country to which the order is being sent. Please select your country of destination to view a detailed record.

Select country of destination:


 Costsfree fromCostsfree from
< 800g29,90 €150,00 €7,90 €50,00 €
< 1.000g29,90 €150,00 €7,90 €50,00 €
< 2.000g29,90 €150,00 €7,90 €50,00 €
< 5.000g29,90 €150,00 €- 
< 8.000g29,90 €150,00 €- 
< 20.000g29,90 €150,00 €- 
< 31.500g29,90 €150,00 €- 
< 250.000g29,90 €150,00 €- 

Delivery to countries outside of the EU results in additional customs duties, taxes and fees.
To find out more about customs duties, visit For information on import sales tax visit and for Switzerland

Delivery Times

The delivery of our products will take the corresponding amount of time.

Color code DHLSpring
Delivery: approx. 11-13 daysDelivery: approx. 19-21 days
Delivery: approx. 14-16 daysDelivery: approx. 22-24 days
Delivery: approx. 24 daysDelivery: approx. 32 days
Delivery: approx. 38 daysDelivery: approx. 46 days
Not available for order.Not available for order.

Payment Methods

Transfer – advance payment Transfer – advance payment
Easy and convenient - after receiving your payment your order will be dispatched.
PayPal provides a secure, quick and easy-to-use payment service for online shopping and includes buyer protection.
Credit CardCredit Card
iPayment is a reliable accounting system for online businesses. Payments can be made by MasterCard, Vis, American Expressa or Maestro.
Cash on deliveryCash on delivery
Only when delivered to Germany. Simply pay at the moment of delivery. For payment by cash on delivery it will cost 6.00 €.
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