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Legacy - the Ayrton Senna Institute


The most of you recognized the small icon which is placed on almost all of our product pages. It’s true, a part of our revenues goes directly to the Ayrton Senna Institute and supports them in their challenge to improve the education of kids and teenagers in Brazil. This page has been created to give you a deeper insight to the tasks which the Ayrton Senna Institute is heading. Stay a while and read what „do good“ means and how it is connected to Ayrton Senna’s legacy.



  a permanent challenge.  


  The world today demands more and more from
our children and young people. It demands that
they are able to think and instigate change.

The world wants people who can clearly engage their skills and abilities with an understanding of the importance of their role in society.

Working, today, to improve education in Brazil means a shift in the
basic model. Good performance in Portuguese and Mathematics and the other subjects is essential, but more is needed. This means recognizing that success at school and elsewhere depends not only on the cognitive factors, but on a set of abilities, understandings and values that relate to a human being as a whole.

To achieve this, we need to continue fighting illiteracy, age/grade distortion and truancy. But more than this, we need to prepare children and young people for the challenges of life and the world.

We believe in a comprehensive education that increases the participation of the school in raising the children and young people of the future to act within this new point of view.

They will be the ones building the future of our country, and changing our country’s reality is only possible with the involvement of everyone, through the construction of a system that supports education and works for it.

It’s this network that we are part of. It’s this system that we are working for. In which we believe. And we believe that you can, and should, take part.

  Tomorrow’s education, today.
Areas of activity

We work together with public administrators,
educators and researchers on the
development of complete solutions that
respond to the challenges of a world
in constant transformation. We are in
a permanent process of innovation, constantly
investigating new understandings and
putting them into practice in the classroom,
whilst contributing to the strengthening of
government policies.

Our work includes the development of new
teaching models through to their application,
and we believe that this should be undertaken
collaboratively. By means of partnerships,
we involve all the different sectors of society
– the private and public sectors as well as
other organizations – because we believe that
education is more than an interest, it’s a right
that everyone has.

Educational solutions
for the diverse
realities of public
education in Brazil.
We are aware of the contrasting realities of public
education in Brazil and we work intensively to develop
flexible and suitable solutions that can address the
nature of the country’s public teaching systems.
These solutions are developed from the joining
of concepts from many areas of science to design
everything from pedagogic models, administration,
technology and evaluation, through to the application
and monitoring of new practices.
Take a look at some of our solutions
An Educational Solution for High School
The education of young people is a national challenge. In order to contribute to overcoming the challenges faced by High School, we have developed a solution that transforms the structure of education policies. Developed and applied in partnership with the Rio de Janeiro State Education Department, the model proposes an innovative curriculum that brings the school closer to the interests of young people and the world today.
School learning policies
We support state and municipal education departments in their
establishment of learning during the initial grades of Elementary Education (1st to 5th grades), advancing literacy at the correct age and fighting age/grade distortion and dropping out of school, in line with the targets of the National Educational Plan*. We help with the definition of strategies, the training of professionals and the administration of processes and results.
Evaluation solutions
We develop evaluation solutions to support administrators and educators in the planning and monitoring of public policies and educational proposals. Amongst the solutions we are developing a system designed to evaluate socioemotional skills that integrates the formative and summative evaluation of these skills with the existing cognitive evaluations and allows for these results to be crossed with information on the socio-economic context and
the learning environment.
  means making a difference
in people’s lives.
  We believe that innovation in education means translating newly discovered methods into better ways of teaching. To make a difference in the lives of millions of students, teachers and public education administrators in Brazil, we are continually investigating new understandings, and this is an activity that is essential for guaranteeing
education that prepares children and young people for a world that is in constant transformation.
  Ayrton Senna Institute’s Chair in Science for Education  
  The result of a partnership between the Ayrton Senna Institute and the Institute
of Education and Research (Insper) to support the development of public policies
on education. Coordinated by the economist Ricardo Paes de Barros, the Chair forms
part of a center of knowledge created by the Ayrton Senna Institute with the aim
of providing public administrators with scientific knowledge.
  to promote and implement
new ways of teaching in Brazil.
  We think in terms of the system and know that we need to work collectively to bring about change. To do so, we establish flexible and wide-reaching partnerships with governments, the private sector and other civil society organizations, joining forces for the creation and application of public policies that promote quality education. We also promote opportunities for the exchange of experiences
between the most diverse social players and areas of knowledge, hosting forums, seminars, campaigns and other events. We believe that by joining forces, we can overcome the obstacles in our public education system.
  Our activities are financed by donations and partnerships with the private sector. We strive to be transparent in relation to how these financial resources are invested, and this helps us establish partnerships and contribute to the creation of networks that involve the private sector, government and civil society in the construction of quality education. Together, as a network, we have been promoting transformation in the lives of children and young people.  


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